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This FPS looks like the real thing, check out this photorealistic game

By Nassim – Posted on 18 Oct 2022 at 20:30

An independent developer called Alexandre Spindler unveils the video of his impressive photorealistic FPS!

Our games try to be more and more immersive. Technical demos like that of Matrix Awakens with the Unreal Engine graphics engine prove that the video game world has a bright future ahead of it. But today, place to a completely different genre. An independent developer reveals his technical demo body cam for a result of striking photorealism.

A technical demo with impressive realism

This is the video that has been exciting gamers for several days. Alexandre Spindler shared his independent title with a vision body cam for stunning results. Its tech demo shows that thanks to the Unreal Engine graphics engine, achieving photorealism is not impossible. Matrix Awakens proves that our current machines can begin to deliver increasingly immersive experiences in the future.

If this video lasts only a time, it reveals great potential for gamers looking for a true-to-life experience.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that this technical demo is based on some crutches like… the view in body cam. Such a vision makes it possible to erase elements which show that it is actually a game. It also remains to be seen whether the artificial intelligence of the enemies is capable of photorealism which reaches the graphic level. Given that it’s an independent developer, that surely won’t be the case. Without forgetting that you have to know if the fun can be there over several hours.

Still, many are amazed by this stunning photorealistic rendering. And they are right ! On Twitter, Alexandre Spindler’s video has been viewed almost 9.3 million times at the time of writing with 35,700 RTs and 280,000 likes, just that! The buzz machine is launched.

Who knows, maybe one day Call of Duty, whose cheat software is already ready for Modern Warfare II, will offer such realism?

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