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These games censored or banned in the United States

Even in the so-called “land of the free”, some video games are banned. Small anthology of video game censorship at Uncle Sam.

After visiting Germany and Russia, it’s time to stop across the Atlantic for a little recap of censorship in the United States. Indeed, the Yankees have an annoying tendency to puritanism, to teasing lawsuits… but also to excesses that deserve to take a pedagogical slap. Fertile ground for our autumn saga. Here’s a medley of video games that have been sales bans, or censored, to USA. Be careful, some examples are quite disturbing.

#1 Custer’s Revenge

The goal is to sexually assault a Native American, “for the lol”…

Rape, do you find it funny? Because the developers of Mystique, yes. In 1982 comes out Custer’s Revenge on the Atari 2600. The concept is very simple: you play Commander Custer in the days of the Wild West, pecker in the air in the desert. A young Native American woman is tied to a pole at the other end of the screen. A rain of arrows falls regularly. The goal is to sneak between the projectiles and score by sexually assaulting the native as long as possible.

A more than unhealthy delirium which inevitably caused an uproar. If the libidinous larvae of Mystique pretended that the sexual act was “consensual”, no one was fooled. Whether Custer’s Revenge wasn’t banned nationwide, he was traffic ban in Oklahoma, where a very strong Amerindian community still survives. Since karma does things well, Mystique sank in 1983. Cheh.

#2 Resident Evil

On March 22, 1996, the founding opus of the saga resident Evil (Where Biohazard in Japan) is coming to PS1. A small revolution in the world of gaming, which democratizes the genre of survival horror. From the intro cutscene, our protagonists are chased through the woods by zombies. Tour in real shotsthis sequence smacks of our grandparents’ undead film.

Alas, if the B series atmosphere suited Japanese lawmakers, American moralizers were less pleased with this rather bloody mini-horror film. In addition, we see the hero Chris Redfield toasting a cigarette. In the USA, the intro film goes black and white. We also cut the cigarette break. Later in the game, another cutscene is changed. We hide a half-devoured head so as not to shock America too much. Hypocritical measures, when you consider that films like evil Dead Where Friday 13 were doing much worse by the 1980s.

#3 The Guy Game

The Guy Game

A sexy game is fine, except when the girls are underage…

Radical change of atmosphere with this ode to the beauferie. The Guy Game is a Trivial Pursuit-like that rewards players with erotic videos. Young and pretty models undress gradually to reward the correct answers. It looks like a fucked up Flash porn game, but this stuff was actually burned onto Xbox and PS2 discs.

But here it is: if nothing prohibits the inclusion of gently titillating content in a game, one of the actresses was underage. You read correctly. The Guy Game was technically a child porn game. The model in question claimed that she had not been informed of the final use of these videos during the filming. A trial later, the sale and production of the game was officially prohibited by law. Still today, The Guy Game is one of the few apps to be banned on Twitch. At the same time, if you had to be reminded, he offers you to salivate over a kid…

#4 X-Men: Destiny and Too Human

X-Men Destiny

X-Men Destiny files deleted by court order

Do you remember Silicon Knights ? An old studio founded in the 1990s, it has created true classics, such as Legacy of Kain, Eternal Darkness and the Gamecube remake of Metal Gear Solid. True pixel craftsmen who rocked the youth of quite a few gamers. In 2005, they tackled the development of Too Human, an ambitious mythological-futuristic fresco exclusively on Xbox 360. They choose to use theUnrealEngine 3, the engine of Epic, which was then taking its first steps. Later, the same engine will be used to develop X-Men: Destiny, adaptation of the famous franchise comics. Both games received a very mixed reception.

But in 2007, Silicon Knights decided to take Epic Games to court. According to them, the designers of Gears of War would have delivered an engine that did not meet the technical requirements, and did not offer adequate technical support. Epic have sued.

It was good for them: in 2012, Silicon Knights are found guilty many embezzlements. In particular, they copied many lines of code from the Unreal Engine 3 to inject them into their own engine. A clear and clear infringement of copyright. In addition to a hefty $9 million fine, the developers had to permanently delete all their games relying, directly or indirectly, on Epic’s software. Thereby, Too Human and X-Men: Destiny are withdrawn from circulation. Their files are destroyed. A very heavy sentence that forces Silicon Knights to close shop.

#5 Thrill Kill

Thrill Kill

Violence and sex rarely mix, and Thrill Kill was canceled over fears of fallout

In the 1990s, the popular success of mortal kombat caused a real moral panic in the United States. Hide this violence that I cannot see! With Doom and Night Trapthe deadly fighting game led to the founding of the ESRB, the American PEGI. But through the controversy, clever developers saw that there was an audience to satisfy. Publisher Virgin Interactive has set in motion the project Thrill Kill, a Tekken clone where all the characters are crazy BDSM practitioners. Tapping raises a “Kill Meter”. Once full, it allows you to slaughter your opponent. Many special moves were sexually biased, to maximize provocation.

A cleverly played poker move, because Thrill Kill made his noise. Shown at E3 1998, it both shocked and intrigued. Its absolute Z series aspect, its desire to push the limits, its total lack of good taste had everything to succeed at a time when Postal was already cult. Alas, Electronic Arts is buying Virgin games, of which Thrill Kill. At the same time, the ESRB imposes the acronym sanction AO, “Adults Only”. A note usually reserved for porn games. This meant that Sony and Nintendo would refuse the game on their consoles, and distributing it in stores was nearly impossible. Thrill Kill was aborted very shortly before its release despite its near completion, in order to avoid commercial problems. Fortunately for the curious, its ROM has leaked and is still running on the net, like a dubious but funny VHS that we pass on between friends.

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