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the first image of Harrison Ford in costume

After the concept photos, Indiana Jones 5 is unveiled with a very first image of Harrison Ford in his legendary adventurer costume, hat on his head and whip on his belt.

If the Disney D23 convention was content to provide us with concept images and clothes that the characters of Indiana Jones 5 will wear, a magazine reveals the look of Harrison Ford in the film. Do we take the same one and start over?

The first image of Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 5

Film magazine Empire has given itself a great cover for its January 2023 issue. A worldwide exclusive with the very first glimpse of Harrison Ford in his costume from Indiana Jones 5. And as we can see, we do not change a winning team. The weather had no effect on Dr. Jones’ equipment.

Empire having also won interviews, we should perhaps know more about the feature film in the weeks to come. James Mangold (Logan, Le Man 66, Copland…) will succeed Steven Spielberg as director. Towards a good surprise? Given the filmography of the gentleman, it is possible.

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