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The Callisto Protocol: A series of video documentaries announced

By Matthieu Collin – Posted on 27 Oct 2022 at 19:44

Like God of War Ragnarök and many other games, The Callisto Protocol now takes us behind the scenes of its design with the arrival of a series of video documentaries in the company of the developers.

This seems to be becoming an increasingly recurring trend, and we’re clearly not going to complain about it. A few weeks before the release of The Callisto Protocol, whose development came to an end very recently, Striking Distance does not hesitate to regularly give us news of its first upcoming game. And to allow players to immerse themselves in the atmosphere before the hour, the studio has just announced the arrival of a series of video documentariesthe first episode of which was unveiled today.

Go behind the scenes of The Callisto Protocol

Entitled “Mastering Horror”, or “Mastering horror” in our language, this series will allow the developers to explain to players how they went about bringing the terrifying universe of The Callisto Protocol to life. The first episode, which lasts a little over fifteen minutes, then returns to the concept of brutality which, as we were able to explain during our various previews, is one of the five fundamental pillars of the game. Moreover, that Japan has finally decided to ban the game on its territory.

As a reminder, The Callisto Protocol will arrive on December 2. on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. You can now find our new preview of the game, which we finally had the opportunity to test controller in hand during a press event organized in Paris. We also give you an appointment quickly in our columns to discover our interview with Demetrius Leal, the artistic director of the game, who returned with us to the challenges and mechanics of horror in The Callisto Protocol.

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