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the Bloodborne clone with Pinocchio sauce is already a success

Lies of P, the Bloodborne clone with Pinocchio sauce, won everything at Gamescom 2022 and is already writing its success story with a long gameplay video.

The souls-like Lies of P is promised a bright future given the feedback from Gamescom 2022. It’s already a success even before its launch, but will it be able to withstand all this pressure?

After a canon trailer, Lies of P savors the reception it received during Gamescom 2022. Throughout the Cologone show, Neowiz’s game won three prestigious trophies. The award of “Most Anticipated PlayStation Game”that of “best action-adventure game”and finally, the price of “best roleplaying game”. For an independent production, it’s beautiful!

This Victorian sub-like takes place in the cruel and dark world of the Belle Époque and offers a reinterpretation of Pinocchio’s original work. In an interview for our colleagues at IGN, Game Director Choi Ji-Won explained why he and his teams chose the wooden puppet. And it’s pretty simple. Since this is their first sub-like, the developers wanted something famous to build a fanbase. And of course, the idea is to appropriate this tale in order to put their own stamp on it.

Other arguments? Yes, the studio found very interesting the dark side, which faded with Disney, and the variety of places crossed by Pinocchio.

When people think of Pinocchio, they think of Disney. But Disney made Pinocchio a little childish, whereas if you look at the original story, it’s kind of dark and aimed at adults. Pinocchio also has a very diverse background. It starts in Geppetto’s house, then joins the ocean and enters the whale. So that’s why we found Pinocchio very interesting for our game.

Long version gameplay

If the trailer is too short for your liking, here’s 12 minutes of gameplay below. During Gamescom 2022, a discussion emerged: the striking resemblance to FromSoftware’s Bloodborne, so much so that we speak of clone, successor or heir.

Our PC Gamer colleagues have even compiled a list of all the similarities, starting with the health, stamina and item interface. The care animation, the white point when you lock an enemy, the status effects depending on the attacks or even simply the decorations with the elements that compose them. In the absence of Bloodborne 2, which may never happen, it’s always taken.

Lies of P is a sub-like exclusive to next-gen, PS5 / Xbox Series X|S and will also be released on PC. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have it in their subscription on launch day.

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