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Starfield promises to be a philosophical game

By Nassim – Posted on 12 Nov 2022 at 15:30

According to the composer of Starfield, Bethesda’s next intellectual property, the game will be highly philosophical.

The video game is not exempt from philosophy. The latest example? Cyberpunk 2077, whose sequel has been announced, with its reflection on death, the imprint that everyone leaves and our place in a world dehumanized by technology. And the next highly philosophical video game experience would be Starfield according to Inon Zur, here at the composition of the soundtrack.

Starfield theme music in good hands

Inon Zur is not at his first attempt at Bethesda. We owe him the soundtrack of Fallout 4, New Vegas and soon Starfield. A philosophical title according to the composer during a recent interview for Gamertag Radio. The man believes that the music of the game is related to the emotion that someone feels who “look at the stars”. Inon Zur takes the opportunity to praise the game for its philosophical questions on life, the destiny of humanity and the origin of our existence. The composer thinks Starfield will try to answer it with a “original way”.

Inon Zur took the opportunity to talk about his musical inspirations for Starfield. The composer evokes Beethoven and Mozart who introduced him to classical music in his youth. For him, it is about “feelings”. So it looks like the theme music for Bethesda’s next IP is in good hands. At least from an emotional point of view.

As always, we imagine that the soundtrack will be available shortly before the scheduled Starfield release. for the first half of 2023 on PC and Xbox. The PS5 is not entitled to this new video game experience. As you can imagine, Bethesda now belonging to Microsoft via its parent company ZeniMax, the title arrives day one on the Xbox Game Pass. A solid argument for the service that is a hit!

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