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Silent Hill: recap of the live Transmission announcements

By Jules “Cael” Seigneur – Posted on Oct 20, 2022 at 00:48

Konami revealed the rebirth of the Silent Hill franchise to us with a stream not stung by beetles. Here is the information not to miss.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

The live Transmission started with a surprise that is not a surprise. Here finally the remake of silent Hill 2, classic among classics, in a trailer full of spoilers. At the helm, we find the Poles of Bloober Team, in accordance with the leaks. A choice discussed by the fans, who do not appreciate their Layers of Fear and The Medium. Good.

From what little we’ve seen, this remake seems pretty decent. He rejects the fixed shots of the original to adopt a shoulder camera and promote immersiveness. From cutscenes to models, everything has been redesigned for our modern tastes. It remains to be checked whether the atmosphere is preserved. No gameplay was really seen today, and that’s a shame.

As a token of respect, the project includes the original composer Akira Yamaoka, which mixes us a new soundtrack for the occasion. Bestiary side, Masahiro Ito returns to ensure the transition to the next-gen. Safeguards for Bloober and good news for die-hard fans.

Silent Hill 2 will come to haunt our computer and our PS5 to one date still unknown.

Silent Hill Townfall

Fascinating teaser than that of Silent Hill Townfall. We discover an enigmatic discussion on the radio, around a person facing his judgment. On the screen, the backwash of the waves, and quasi-subliminal images that create an agonizing atmosphere. The project is led by No Code, studio behind the undersides Stories Untold and Observation. Their mastery of analog horror, inspired by the 90s and big cathode ray TVs, should marry perfectly with our memories of Silent Hill on PS1.

Silent Hill: Townfall is edited by Annapurna Interactive. A company which, so far, hasn’t produced any crap… They have our complete confidence.

No release date has been announced. Same for the platforms.

Return to Silent Hill

Christopher Gansdirector of the first film silent Hillcomes to erase the abominable sequel 3D revelation with his Return to Silent Hill, already widely discussed in the media. Straight from Silent Hill 2, he wishes to transpose its history into a modern nugget of 1h30. A tough challenge of which the Frenchman seems to be aware. A slew of concept art and storyboards demonstrate the team’s vision for this adaptation, with a handful of shots straight out of the PS2. It is our pupils who thank him.

You will also find in the video above an interview with Mr. Gans and its producer Victor Hadida. Besides, we can thank them: without their film project, Konami would never have unearthed the license! The world of horror owes them a debt of gratitude.

No release date has been announced. Still in pre-production, Return to Silent Hill is looking for a casting. We will keep you updated on future news.

Silent Hill: Ascent

After the video games, and the film adaptation, discover the interactive series. Driven by Genvid, already responsible for an adaptation The Walking Deadexperience Silent Hill: Ascent wishes to transform anguish into a community experience. Cut into episodes, the plot will be broadcast live on a still secret platform. The spectators’ votes will influence how events unfold, and thus, the Silent Hill-ian mythology…

Rest, very little info was shared. We just know that the production box Bad Robot and the developers of Dead by Daylight, Behavior, give a boost to the project. A multi-handed piece that could surprise us.

Silent Hill f

Konami unsheathed us a final surprise with Silent Hill f, which abandons the American decorations to turn to Japan. We discover a schoolgirl who wanders in a traditional village of the most distressing. Very figurative, the trailer lets us see a suffocating floral motif; the “f” in the title also appears to be musical notation, meaning “strong” (play hard). So many micro-clues that don’t really help us guess the narrative. And that’s good. The script is led by Ryukishi07, known for the traumatic Higurashi: When They Cry.

Silent Hill f is developed by Neobards, a studio known for working on supporting Capcom productions, including Resident Evil Resistance. Let’s hope that their proximity to the AAA will be enough to produce a fine opus.

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