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Roblox generates $7 million in revenue per day

By Jules “Cael” Seigneur – Modified on 20 Oct 2022 at 16:51

Roblox confirms its good financial health with record growth, although the company is still unable to turn a profit.

To earn money, you have to solicit children. This is the moral of the day, which can be deduced from the excellent results of the Roblox platform. Known for being both the example of metaverse the most flourishing and the new playground of the little blond heads, it exudes more 7 million dollars in revenue per day. An impressive figure, announced by its parent company to its shareholders. More $212 million were recorded in September 2022. This is 11% more than last year at the same period.

Roblox feels green, but stays in the “red”

At the community level, it’s just as strong, with 57.8 million daily users. This is 23% more until September 2021. You have to realize the madness. Average playtime also swelled by 16%.

Nevertheless, Roblox is still struggling to make real profits. If the company became listed on the stock market in early 2021, and its popularity is well established, its massive investments continue to puncture the piggy bank. No wonder in the tech sector. Investors often become infatuated with a company for its perceived medium to long-term potential, not for its overnight accounts. With its fantastic growth, Roblox remains very attractive for external funding.

It is also a consistent advertising platform that is becoming popular, even among other video game studios. Thereby, Sonic invited himself to the platform at the beginning of the year with its own “experiment”, as they call their mini-games there. Nothing that prevents SEGA from offering Sonic Frontiers on consoles and PC starting November 8.

In short, Roblox confirms its status asUFO-king and should continue its momentum.

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