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Halo Infinite: All the details on the latest update

By Matthieu Collin – Published on 09 Nov 2022 at 12:58

Almost a year after its release on Xbox and PC, Halo Infinite welcomes the biggest update ever rolled out so far. On the program: the arrival of the Forge mode, the online co-op mode for the campaign, and more!

As we slowly but surely approach Halo Infinite’s first anniversary, work continues to 343 Industries, which regularly offers new updates for players. And precisely, after having briefly presented it a few weeks ago, the time has come for the studio to deploy the Winter Update, which imposes itself as the update “the most consistent ever offered by the game since its launch”. Here is a small overview of all the things you can find there.

Halo Infinite welcomes a big update

After being leaked extensively over the past few months, Forge mode is officially making a comeback with the launch of a beta version. On the program for this one: six map canvases, a new visual scripting engine, a whole host of customization options and more. Enough to allow players to give free rein to their imagination and their creativity to bring maps and game modes to life, which can then be shared with the whole community.

The Winter Update also marks the introduction of a new progression system for the multiplayer mode from Halo Infinite, which now offers various rewards at the end of each match. This includes experience points, which can be used with the new free Combat Pass to unlock cosmetic elements. Again, 343 Industries specifies, however, that all of this is only available in beta version, which means that adjustments may be made based on public feedback.

Finally, the multiplayer mode is also marked by the arrival of two new maps, Argyle and Detachment, both of which were crafted through Forge mode. The first allows players to compete in the narrow corridors of a UNSC ship, while the second takes place in an abandoned building of the same faction, on top of a rock formation. Otherwise, a new game mode, Joint Operations, was also introduced. This is a variation of Capture the Flag mode.

Halo Infinite

Play campaign with friends

Last major novelty and not the least, 343 Industries announces that online co-op for Halo Infinite’s campaign is finally livein the same way as the ability to replay previously completed missions. Playable up to four players in crossplay, the title benefits from a shared progression, which will allow all participants to benefit from it. The studio reveals in passing that 24 new achievements are available, for lovers of success hunting. As a reminder, Halo Infinite is available exclusively on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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