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Hackers Steal This Superman Game To Make Money On Steam

By Nassim – Posted on 18 Nov 2022 at 17:00

Superman’s Unreal Engine 5 demo that caused a stir recently has been stolen for sale on Steam!

The Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine promises great gaming experiences in the future. The PS5, of which a Slim version is in preparation, has largely proven it with the technical demo of Matrix Awakens (also available on Xbox Series X). Independent creators have a field day like Tyson Butler-Boschma who created a Superman under Unreal Engine 5. Except that the demo was stolen and then sold on Steam!

An incredible case of theft

It’s the incredible theft of a technical demo yet available for free. Hackers have taken over Tyson Butler-Boschma’s Superman designed under Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine to put it up for sale on Steam. And therefore make money on the backs of players who have fallen into the trap. The title is available on the Valve platform for around 10 dollars after being displayed at… 50 dollars!

Tyson Butler-Boschma reveals to Insider Gaming that he has filed a DMCA takedown request with Steam which has yet to respond. Worse still, hackers are now harassing the creator to have their videos deleted tech demo on YouTube. The swindlers are simply looking to take all his work!

Hackers claim Tyson Butler-Boschma worked for them but is trying to “keep it all to himself”. Except the creator just wants the Superman demo is not sold even though it is free.

The situation is therefore complicated. If Tyson Butler-Boschma disputes the claims made by hackers on YouTube, they will be able to access to their personal information to settle the dispute. In particular his telephone number or his address and his real name.

Proof of his good faith, Tyson Butler-Boschma showed Insider Gaming all the evidence that this Superman demo belongs to him. Comments on the game’s Steam page that attempt to warn buyers are actively deleted by scammers.

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