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Death Stranding: an exclusive sequel on Stadia canceled

By Jules “Cael” Seigneur – Posted on 30 Sep 2022 at 16:45

After the announcement of the closure of Stadia services, the secrets fall. An anonymous source has confirmed that Death Stranding 2 is to be an exclusive on the Google Console. The American firm rejected the project because it feared that it would not find its audience.

If Google hoped to make history with the Stadia, it’s succeeded: their stillborn console certainly holds the record for the most wasted video game potential by a multinational. Unstable service, prices deemed too expensive, marketing strawberries: the project dedicated to cloud gaming will be officially disconnected in January 2023. A foregone conclusion. With the announcement of this service cut, the languages ​​of the insiders untie. The opportunity to learn some rather juicy secrets. News of the day, confirmed by 9to5Google: Hideo Kojima was in negotiations with the Californian titan to develop Death Stranding 2 exclusively on Stadia.

Death Stranding 2 on Stadia: an aborted project

After the release of the first Death Stranding in 2019, the Japanese creator entered in negotiations with Google. The sequel to the best Chronopost simulation ever was to take the form of a ” episodic single player horror game“. According to inside sources, Kojima was allegedly fascinated by the promises of clouds. The American firm has validated the start of the project, no doubt seduced by the prospect of acquiring a real AAA exclusive.

The development of the project was on track. Alas, when the first prototypes were unveiled to Stadia management in 2020, Vice President Phil Harrison decided tocancel the project, citing “a public disinterest in single-player games”. Probably why Cyberpunk 2077 has just exceeded 20 million sales. But could we hope that the clown who scuttled the launch of the PS3, then that of the Xbox One, would issue a relevant analysis? It was probably too much to ask. In short, the guys from Kojima Productions left empty-handed with their concepts.

Real reaction of Sam Porter Bridges when he realizes Phil Harrison’s blindness

This misadventure did not disgust Kojima from clouds, quite the contrary; its future Xbox exclusivity is based entirely on this technology. Is this a recycling of Death Stranding 2? History will tell us.

On their side, a Stadia spokesperson strongly denied the leak. Although having been in contact with Kojima Productions, their talks would not have yielded anything concrete:

We talk to our partners all the time, which doesn’t always mean that a project, or a project proposal, will come out of it. It’s quite commonplace. It is inaccurate to speculate that any discussion between two industry players necessarily results in proposals or the like.

Note the skilful handling of the language of wood. In short, expect to see a superb video essay land on YouTube entitled “Death Stranding 2: What Could Have Been” in the next 5 years. Even, as is now the fashion, a documentary on this project buried too soon for our taste. Because we remain curious to know how Kojima would have developed his very particular universe in a 100% horror direction…

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