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completely redesigned invocations?

The next Final Fantasy might surprise us by revisiting some of its legendary creatures. One of them in any case is really hot! Hope others follow…

Before the arrival of Final Fantasy 16 next summer and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth at the end of 2023, it’s Crisis Core Reunion that will point the tip of its nose next December.

Remake? Remaster? We really do not know. But one thing is certain, Crisis Core Reunion will have the right to a second youth. And if the trailers allowed us to see that there is a clear graphic improvement, the developers add a layer by highlighting a complete redesign of one of the most iconic creatures of the license.

A brand new Bahamut for Crisis Core Reunion

We are talking about Bahamut here, a mythical invocation of the Final Fantasy series which will have had the right to many forms over the course of the episodes. In Crisis Core, we notably have the right to Bahamut Furie, an impressive version of the ancestral dragon. And it is the latter that is in the spotlight today. Via Twitter, the studio has indeed shared some artwork of the new design that the creature will have in the game.

Because yes, for Crisis Core Reunion, Bahamut has been completely reworked. And if it sports the same colors and a style very similar to the original one, it is also thinner and seems much more aggressive. We can also see it briefly in one of the game’s trailers.

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