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Call of Duty Warzone 2: disappointment for the new DMZ mode?

By Clément – Posted on 11 Nov 2022 at 10:50

The DMZ mode that will accompany the release of Warzone 2 has finally been revealed, and the first opinions of players who have been able to try it are mixed.

Long before its announcement, the DMZ mode was the subject of rumors that described it as a “hardcore” tactical experience in the vein of gaming. Escape from Tarkov. Activision finally unveiled it this week, on the occasion of the presentation of the Modern Warfare II season 1 and Warzone 2. Some streamers have even been invited to try it, including Shroud… who seems far from convinced at the moment.

Shroud disappointed with Warzone 2’s DMZ mode

As Activision presented, “DMZ is a story-driven, open-world mining mode where Operators have full freedom to complete missions for factions, accept additional side objectives, fight against enemy Operators or AI fighters , and search for valuables while fighting to survive until exfiltration”. Everything will be available for free via Warzone 2 when it is released on November 16.

But contrary to expectations, we are obviously far from a hardcore experience à la Escape from Tarkovwhere you can die in the blink of an eye and where every move must be thought out. “It’s more or less a tweaked version of Plunder Mode”describes Shroud before adding: ” I’m a little disappointed. I was hoping for it to be rawer, a bit more hardcore. It seems like… Call of Duty. You can’t even say it’s a ‘casual’ version of Tarkov. “.

His first contact with the mode was also marred by frequent bugs, including one that allowed him to generate infinite money. On a positive note though: the streamer enjoyed the extraction phase, which asks you to reach a specific spot on the map and fight a last chaotic battle to defend the helicopter against a group of AI. We leave you an overview of all this in the video below, taken from his stream.

To discover the DMZ mode for ourselves, we will have to wait until November 16. Note that by then, Activision intends to disseminate new information about it.

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