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2K Games confirms leaking and reselling of player data

By Nassim – Modified on 13 Oct 2022 at 18:40

Recently hacked, 2K Games confirms that data stolen from players has been published online and is being resold!

Clearly, Take-Two is targeted by the pirates. In addition to the big GTA 6 alpha footage leak, another security breach resulted in the theft of private data but this time from its subsidiary 2K Games. Today, the publisher confirms that this sensitive customer information has been put up for sale.

Remember that some players have received malicious links and that 2K Games has invited its community to change their password.

2K Games has contacted affected customers

Big hack for 2K Games. A third party accessed the credentials of one of the publisher’s suppliers and took the opportunity to gain access to private customer data. Some received a malicious link. 2K Games has started contacting aggrieved players from October 6 to inform them of the situation.

The unauthorized third party accessed and retrieved certain personal data about you […] including your email address, help desk ID, gamertag and console details “says the email received by the affected customers.

The malicious link sent by the hacker contains malware capable of compromise private data like passwords.

For those who unfortunately clicked, 2K Games recommends restarting the computer, reset all passwordsuse up-to-date anti-virus software, etc.

A new proof that even the largest companies are not immune to such attacks! Better to bring different passwords from one site to another. Robust, if possible. Not to mention double authentication. Do not write down your passwords anywhere, not even in an email or virtual notepad. Finally, never click on a dubious link received by email.

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