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when will season 7 of the Spanish teen series be released? (Broadcast date, cast)

This is hardly a surprise: season 6 of Elite has gathered many subscribers around their small screen this rainy weekend and is already in first place (very envied) in the Top 10 of the most popular series. And if season 5 had left a bitter taste to the fans of the first hour, it seems that this new opus has convinced them more.

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It is therefore naturally that the question of season 7 arises. But then, what do we know today about this new component? When will it come out? Will he see former first-generation actors take center stage? Answer in this article!

Elite: the series is officially renewed for a seventh season

Good news for those who may have missed out on the information; it’s official, Elite is renewed for a season 7 ! Better still, the prospect of new seasons would be in the sights of Carlos Montero, its creator who would even consider producing no less than 10 seasons!

When will Elite Season 7 be released?

To date, if we are sure to see the students of Las Encinas again, the release date of season 7 of the phenomenon series is, for its part, unknown. But insofar as this seventh opus had been ordered even before the broadcast of season 6, production should be launched quickly. According to our hypotheses, Netflix subscribers could thus find the teenage drama in less than a year or next summer.

A new cast for a new start!

Big changes in the distribution are planned for this season 7 and, hold on tight, because it will mark the great return of the actor Omar Ayuso. Also, ***Spoiler alert***, the end of Season 6 sees Mencía, Patrick and Ari drop out of school, so it seems unlikely that they will return (although as of this writing article none of them has yet announced their departure). Only certainty, new faces will be added to the class photo. Thus Mirela Balic, Gleb Abrosimov, Nadia Al Saidi, Fernando Lindez, Alejandro Albarracín, Iván Mendes and Maribel Verdú will complete the cast without it being known yet which role they will occupy.

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