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What’s new for Canal+ for the month of SEPTEMBER (2022 releases)

If the summer is coming to an end, the streaming platforms are already planning for the future by disclosing to their subscribers the agenda of their September releases. After Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, it’s the turn of Canal+ to lift the veil on the novelties that will punctuate the start of the school year and as much to say that there will be a plethora of them.

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So here’s what your month of September will be like on Canal+: first of all, subscribers will be delighted to learn that season 5 of The Scarlet Maid will be available in US+ 24 via OCS. But that’s not all, they will be able to discover Michael Mann’s HBO event series called Tokyo Vice. Finally, the last 8 episodes of the “War of the Worlds” series adapted from the novel by HG Wells and worn by Léa Drucker and Gabriel Byrne will be available from September 5, 2022. No, really, you won’t be bored this month here on Canal+!

September 2nd

Matrix resurrections

September 5

War of the Worlds – Final Chapter

September 7

UEFA Champions League 202/2023 – Matchday 1

September 8

Toutouyoutou – Season 1 (OCS)

September 9

Spider-Man: No way man

September 13

During his lifetime (With Catherine Deneuve and Benoit Magimel)

September 14

UEFA Champions League 202/2023 – Matchday 2

September 15

tokyo vice – Season 1 (HBO)

The Scarlet Maid – Season 5 (OCS)

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