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What OCS has in store for you as new for the month of OCTOBER (2022 releases)

We’re not going to cut corners: this month of October is going to be intense on SCO ! In fact, the platform streaming which accustoms us to always more qualities will also bet on quantity. The only constraint that arises will therefore be that of time: so will you be able to adjust your schedule to that of the OCS outings? Answer in this article!

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The month will start off with a bang with the release of the final part of The Walking Dead (in US+ 24): a moment that fans are patiently waiting for and which will be rewarded from October 3. But that’s not all on the series side, since OCS will offer you from October 31 a new entry for The White Lotus with a new group of vacationers, at another White Lotus property. The dramatic and satirical comedy was particularly acclaimed when it was released in July 2021. We can’t wait to embark on a new session of introspection!

On the film side, subscribers will be able to rejoice in the arrival of Quentin Dupieux’s film, mandiblesas absurd as it is confusing but also from the addition of Morbius with a Jared Leto who turns into a vampire.

The 3rd of October

The Walking Dead – Final Season – Part 3

October 6

Come, I will take you there

October 11

Avenue 5

October 12


October 13

A world

October 15


October 19

The stars

October 20


October 21


October 24

Oops, I missed the Ark again

October 26

The hunt

October 27


October 31

The White lotus – Season 2

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