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what is this new series with Cécile Bois?

Cécile Bois boldly moves from “Candice Renoir” to “Addict”, the new TF1 series, which features a man who manipulates an entire family. With Medi Sadoun as the husband and Sagamore Stévenin as the lover.

An existential void to be filled in Addicted

We especially know Cécile Bois in her recurring role as police commander of Candice Renoiralthough it has also been crossed in another genus with Gloria. The actress continues her change of register in addicted, the series of six episodes in which she plays Elodie, married to Yvan (Medi Sadoun). They have two teenage children: the fragile Chloé (Lucie Vagenheim) and the gifted Achille (Louis Duneton). The little family has just moved into a house with a garden for the first time. The couple purrs a little too much in their habits and Elodie waits for this new life to give them a second wind.

Medi Sadoun and Cecile Bois – Addict ©TF1

Elodie will see her life turned upside down by this movebut for reasons very different from what she imagined. Because like a bowling ball in a game of skittles, his meeting with the charming neighbor Bruno (Sagamore Stévenin) will call everything into question. Appreciated by everyone in the neighborhood, except Eric (Lorànt Deutsch), he is considerate with each member of the family. A little too much, sincehe manages to arouse the desire of Elodie, who is no longer looked at as before by her husband, even if he still loves her.

Addicted then shows the actress in the role of a woman who rediscovers desire and pleasure but also wonders about the implication of her adultery in her life. A rather daring role for the actress Cécile Bois, who accepted for the first time play love scenes. For this, she was able to count on “the immense respect” by Sagamore Stevenin and Medi Sadoun, who have been “the best playmates that (she could have) dreamed of“.

A little too much spice in the daily grind

The good idea of Addictedis to make the spectator benefit in real time from the ideas of Bruno, even before the helpless family discovers them. Thirsty for control over the lives of others, Bruno spends all his free time behind his computer concealing and manipulating. Because the series also proves to be an inventory of the power of computers and the damage of social networks. when they get into the wrong hands.

And even if we can sometimes wonder about such a need for control, Bruno shows some creativity (not always credible) to catch and hold Elodie in his nets. He also takes malicious pleasure in putting Yvan in difficulty, both with an enterprising young woman – Deborah (Mylène Jampanoï) – and at his job.

Cécile Bois in a downward spiral

Cécile Bois wanted to work for a long time with the director Didier Le Pêcheur, to whom we owe detective fiction sometimes featuring complex women, such as Rebecca. The actress confided to us that she perceived this story of adultery more in this thriller as “a real romantic relationship, as powerful as it is hurtful“.

Addiction is not always a phenomenon that is decreed and it is not easy to know where it ends to leave room for manipulation. Addicted maintains rather well the suspense of this infernal spiral which subtly transforms a woman in wolf.

Addicteda series created by Gilles Daniel and directed by Didier le Pêcheur, is broadcast on TF1 on October 27, 2022.

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