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what do internet users think of this horror thriller worn by Octavia Spencer currently on Netflix? (Notice)

Stay safe, Ma has occupied the list of the most viewed films on Netflix for several days and does not seem to want to take off. There is nothing surprising in this when you know that subscribers to the N rouge platform are quite fond of this kind of content.

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And then let’s face it, the season lends itself particularly well to horror films, especially a few weeks away.Halloween. But then, what is this completely delirious film directed by Tate Taylor which is a hit and which seems to be attracting more and more fans to its canvas.

Welcome to Ma

Don’t be fooled by appearances, behind her harmless face hides a formidable predator. Indeed, Sue Ann is a lonely woman who decides to offer her hospitality to a gang of unsuspecting teenagers looking for a good spot to party. She thus offers them access to her basement while respecting, however, a few rules: one of the teenagers must remain sober. No big words. Never go upstairs. And call it “Ma”.

But soon, what started as a teenage dream turns into a terrifying nightmare and Ma’s house, which used to be the best corner in town, soon becomes the worst place on Earth.

Octavia Spencer (The color of feelings, Self Made) excels in the lead role of Sue Ann where she delivers a bold and terrifying performance. The cast also includes Juliette Lewis, Luke Evans, Missi Pyle and McKaley Miller. Corey Fogelmanis, Gianni Paolo and Dante Brown complete the ensemble cast.

The film is also produced by Jason Blum to whom we owe in particular Get Out, Halloween and the series The Purge.

What do Internet users think of this film worn by Olivia Spencer? (Notice)

Available from Sunday, October 9, 2022, Stay safe, Ma receives positive reviews but also surprised opinions from Internet users. The proof in a few tweets. And you’re going to settle down at Ma this weekend on Netflix?

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