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what do Internet users think of this horrific thriller which is currently a hit on Netflix? (Notice)

It’s the horrific phenomenon that we didn’t expect for the All Saints holidays, which surprised Netflix subscribers and even managed to earn a place of choice in the coveted list of the most watched films. on the platform of streaming.

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But then, what is this Spanish thriller with the enigmatic title, Jaula, which will keep you going (even surprise you) on one of your long autumn evenings? Besides, does it deserve so much attention? Answer in this article!

What is “Jaula” about?

Realized by Ignacio Tatay, Jaula follows Paula and her husband as they return from a dinner party. These deniers find on their way a young girl wandering alone on the road. Two weeks later, after discovering that no one was asking for her, they decided to take her in temporarily with them. This reception proves to be a difficult test for the couple: indeed, the young girl lives obsessed by the fantasy of a monster who will punish her if she leaves a square of chalk painted on the ground. Paula will then venture on a journey through dark paths to try to discover the enigma of the little girl’s past.

The 1h47 feature film brings together a prestigious cast made up ofElena Anaya (El Piel que habito), Pablo Molinero, Esther Acebo (Mónica in Money Heist), Eva Llorach (Sandra in Elite) and Carlos Santos.

What do internet users think of this horrific thriller? (Notice)

If the film has aroused a lot of interest since it was posted on Netflix on October 24, has it convinced the subscribers of the N rouge platform? To find out, we surveyed their opinions posted on Twitter:

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