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this Spanish romance is currently hitting Netflix!

While the romance The taste of life is having a small effect right now on Netflix, another romantic comedy (this time Spanish) is discreetly making its way into the Top 10 of the most watched series on the platform of streaming. But what is this new original creation that you can binge-watch before the end of the holidays? Answer in this article!

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What is “If I had known” about?

Title If I had knownthis new series composed of eight short episodes (35 min) and directed by Ece Yörenç, uses a well-known narrative process in cinema to bring the protagonists of the story to consider the choices of their existence: space time travel. Here it is Emma, ​​thirty years old, who pays the price for her life choices and who seems to be at an impasse.

Indeed, disappointed by her marriage to Nando and by her family life, she feels that her existence has lost its appeal. Prisoner of a daily life without charm or passion, she realizes that, if she could go back in time, she would not agree to marry Nando and plans to divorce her. A few days later, as she prepares to attend a lunar eclipse with friends, a temporal anomaly sends her back ten years earlier, in 2008. Emma then finds herself trapped in the body of her 20-year-old. Life offers her the opportunity to take stock of the person she was and the person she wants to become, while already knowing what the next ten years have in store for her.

On the casting side, Megan Montaner (The Hunt) takes on the lead role of Emma while ​​​​Miquel Fernandez ( The Knot ) and Michael Noher (The Unit reply to him. Alongside this star trio, we find Jael Pascual (45 rpm), Eduardo Lloveras (The One) and Bore Buika (Elite).

When will ‘If I Had Known’ be released on Netflix?

The Spanish series has been available exclusively on Netflix since Friday, October 28, 2022.

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