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this new romance moves netizens (Opinion)

The new original Netflix creation will not have escaped the radars of subscribers fond of romance and emotions at the start of the school holidays. And if the temperatures are rather lenient in this autumn period, it must be admitted that the sweetness of Italy and more particularly Florence, city in which the mini-series The taste of life put down his suitcases should greatly contribute to warming hearts and charming Internet users.

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What is “The Taste of Living” about?

Based on the New York Times autobiographical bestseller, The taste of life tells the story of Amahle Wheeler, nicknamed “Amy” (played by Zoe Saldaña), an American student who falls under the spell of Lino, a Sicilian chef, while studying in Italy. The two lovers have to face obstacles that they had not imagined, in particular their difference in culture, and savor the many moments of joy and lightness that punctuate the more serious periods of life. But when Lino is faced with illness and the couple’s future is threatened, their families come together across borders in ways they never knew existed, proving that love is more. stronger than anything.

When will ‘The Taste of Living’ be released?

The mini series which consists of eight episodes is available on Netflix exclusively from the Friday, October 21, 2022 at 9 a.m.

What do Internet users think of this new romance? (Notice)

Barely released that already the series is emulated. Internet users did not, in fact, wait long to show their interest and their emotion for The taste of life. The proof with these first notices posted on Twitter:

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