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The ‘Smalville’ star in the ‘Supernatural’ prequel

Two years after the end of “Supernatural”, its fans will soon be able to discover its prequel “The Winchesters”. And they will be able to see in particular the interpreter of Superman in “Smalville”, Tom Welling.

The universe of supernatural will expand with The Winchesters

In 2005, The CW launched a new small-screen phenomenon with supernatural. The fantasy series told the fight of two brothers against the forces of Evil. They were also trying to find the demon responsible for their mother’s death. Created by Eric Kripke, the show quickly became a hit. To the point of being entitled to no less than fifteen seasons. He stopped in 2020.

The Winchesters ©CW

But, following the discontinuation of supernatural, The CW quickly announced the start of a prequel to its cult series. This one is called The Winchesters. It will be this time centered on Sam and Dean’s parentsthe heroes of the original series. We will therefore follow the love story of Dean and Mary Winchester, and their own struggle to save the world along with their love. If we can’t see him again on screen, we can once again hear the voice of Jensen Ackles, Dean’s interpreter, since this new story will be told from the point of view of his character.

Tom Welling cast as Samuel Campbell

What if we can’t see Jensen Ackles on screen in The Winchestersanother actor from Smallville will appear there. As reported Deadlineshortly before the broadcast of the first episode of the new series, its showrunner Robbie Tompson thus announced that Tom Welling would play a role in it. The latter was chosen to interpret Samuel Campbellthe father of Mary Winchester, and thus the grandfather of Sam and Dean.

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