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the rest of the doc on Orelsan is revealed

After a first part which met with impressive critical and popular success, the sequel to the documentary “Never show that to anyone” has just unveiled its first images. Four new episodes will be released on Thursday, October 13 on Amazon Prime Video.

never show that to anyone : success made in Orelsan

On October 15, 2021, Amazon Prime Video offered the documentary series never show that to anyone produced by Clément Cotentin, the younger brother of rapper Orelsan. Helped by Christophe Offenstein, the journalist decides to tell the rise of his eldest in the world of rap. For nearly 20 years, Clément Cotentin followed his big brother, camera in hand, during all his periods as a rapper in the making. From its beginnings, to its success, obviously passing through its long but fascinating rise and construction, everything is there. In six episodes, the young man won over all Orelsan fans through a touching, intimate and above all very inspiring documentary.

Orelsan – Never show this to anyone part 2 ©Amazon Prime Video

the next october 13, a second part of never show that to anyone go outside. Four new episodes who will tell the creative process of Civilization, Orelsan’s latest album, released on November 19, 2021, and the best-selling album of 2021 according to SNEP.

First trailer

In the first part, the public discovered the adolescence of the artist under construction. In the small town of Caen, Orelsan and his friend Gringe still do the four hundred blows. Then they get into the rap game, start filling rooms, and run into some trouble with the law. Until the work finally pays off. A human and musical adventure that allows you to throw a comprehensive look at the identity of the rapper Orelsan in its entirety and all its complexity.

Orelsan - Never show this to anyone part 2 Orelsan – Never show this to anyone part 2 ©Amazon Prime Video

In this second part, Clément Cotentin focuses on a successful artist. Like Orelsan’s albums, the tone, themes and excitement are no longer the same. The two brothers address a more mature audience, which encounters more adult issues. Clément follows Orelsan in his creation of Civilization, from his artistic inspirations to the success of the project. How to do better than The party is over ? It’s all about Never show this to anyone – part 2.

Orelsan, Ablaye and Skread are all back in front of Clément Cotentin’s camera. But this time, the director went to meet the pillars of French rap to ask them for their analysis. The trailer indeed reveals the presence of Angel, Damso and Vald, with whom Orelsan has already worked. The opportunity for Cotentin to bring together fans of French rap.

Appointment on October 13 on Amazon Prime Video to discover the four new episodes of Never show that to anyone.

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