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the Netflix reboot is revealed with a first trailer

In the very closed circle of unforgettable youth series, “The Teletubbies” figures prominently in the top 10. Rebooted by Netflix, the show unveils its first trailer.

The return of Teletubbies

On March 31, 1997, the BBC launched a television series unlike any other, aimed at children. Her name : The Teletubbies. For four years, the show which traces the adventures of Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po, arouses the enthusiasm of young people… But also the despair of parents. Indeed, with its colors that flood the screen, its crazy decorations, its characters who have a TV on their stomachs and its extremely limited dialogues, The Teletubbies is sometimes misunderstood.

The most absurd controversies accumulate. Some seeking to discover the symbolism of the show: characters accused of being incarnations of evil, Tinky-Winky of being a gay icon, episodes deemed inappropriate for children… Over the years, the Teletubbies have become pop-cultural characters. And there is no shortage of parodies to mock the series. If it had a recovery in 2015 in the United States, no one imagined that Netflix would offer a reboot today.

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Young subscribers will be able to be delighted since the four characters are indeed back on the streaming service. And the trailer (in one article) suggests that parents are likely to have a lot of nightmares in front of the cutenesses of Tinky-Winky and his gang.

Teletubbies ©Netflix

Thus, the first images of the reboot of Teletubbies show that the program will remain very faithful to the original one. Green settings, rolling in the meadow, baby-sun rising, television screen on your stomach that allows you to discover reports for children, song that stays in your head… In short, everything is there to annoy you if you you’re too old to watch these kinds of programs.

Netflix has in any case not skimped on the goods since 26 episodes of 12 minutes are planned. As for the narrator of the series, it is Titus Burgess, unforgettable Titus “Pino Noir” Andromedon of the series Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdtwhich sticks to it. Beginning of the broadcast on November 14, 2022. Your kids will love it!

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