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the incredible (but true) story of this student who sued Pepsi! (+ Reviews)

The Netflix platform has always had a flair for unearthing bizarre stories and the one it has decided to tell us this November is worth its weight in gold, believe it! Indeed, imagine a simple 20-year-old student determined to bend the American giant Pepsi for a dark story of a fighter plane. If it still doesn’t seem very clear to you, that’s normal… read the rest of this article or watch this new documentary series directly, you may be hallucinating!

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“Hey Pepsi! Where is my plane? : a contemporary David against Goliath

With such an enigmatic title, Hey Pepsi! Where is my plane? has aroused our curiosity. The opportunity for us also to discover a story that is, in fact, nothing of a joke. To learn more, we suggest you read the official synopsis:

Back in 1996, when the cola war was raging. Despite the slew of celebrities appearing in Pepsi ads, Coca-Cola is carving out the biggest market share. The second brand then decides to use drastic measures and releases a hyper-aggressive advertising campaign called “Pepsi Stuff”. A commercial, which will become sadly famous, encourages people to buy the brand’s products to collect “Pepsi points” allowing them to win glasses, leather jackets… even a Harrier fighter plane. The leaders of Pepsi imagine at the time that, given the astronomical “price” of this military device, everyone will understand that it is a joke. Yet student John Leonard takes the announcement at face value and challenges the brand. Helped by his mountaineering companion Todd Hoffman, who finances the company, John Leonard concocts a plan to win this jackpot that never existed.

Directed by Andrew Renzi, this documentary series composed of 4 episodes draws on the testimony of John Leonard, Todd Hoffman, the creative team behind the ad as well as a panel of more or less involved public figures to tell the story of this senseless legal battle.

What release date for “Hey Pepsi! Where is my plane? on Netflix?

This new original is available exclusively on Netflix from the Thursday, November 17, 2022.

What do Internet users think of this crazy story? (Notice)

Faced with such a story, it is difficult not to react. The subscribers who have discovered it still do not come back from it. The proof with his first opinions expressed on Twitter:

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