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the French action thriller resumes its run in November on Netflix! (Date and time of release)

Action thrillers are generally well received by Netflix subscribers. So, they are not the ones who will sulk their pleasure as the big comeback of Lost bullet on their screens.

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In fact, the platform streaming has just lifted the broadcast date of the film “made in France” which was a hit in 2020. Acclaimed in France and hailed internationally, this original program was a real hit and, according to the American giant, would have caught the eye of no less than 37 million people.

It’s almost time for a reunion…

Make a note of it in your diaries, the race will resume from Thursday, November 10, 2022 at 8:01 a.m.. (this almost makes us want to be in autumn already).

A first short teaser unveiled

On this occasion, the American giant published a short teaser of less than a minute where we see Lino preparing for his comeback, more determined than ever. There is no doubt that it will move up a gear: “This guy went through four layers of reinforced concrete with a clio. I got trapped” can we hear in voiceover.

What plot for this second part of Balle Perdue?

After the death of Charras, Lino (played by Alban Lenoir) and Julia (played by Stéfi Celma) took over and formed the new shock team of the stups brigade. Determined to find the murderers of his brother and his mentor, Lino continues his hunt and won’t let anyone get in his way.

As a reminder, the first opus told us the story of Lino, a mechanical genius recruited by the police to neutralize go fasts. He then finds himself accused of a murder and tries to find the only proof of his innocence, a stray bullet in a missing car.

Check out the official trailer for “Lost Bullet 2”!

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