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the film adapted from the cult comic arrives in time for Halloween on Netflix

Halloween approach and it shows! Indeed, Netflix is ​​beginning to seriously enrich its catalog of horrific content to the delight of subscribers who love thrills and terror. So, after injecting to its database Stay safe, Ma and The Midnight Clubthe new mini-series from Mike Flanagan, the streaming platform is increasing the terror slider a little more with 30 days of night, a film with vampires in it, which is certainly not new, but which should be a good appetizer for the preparations for the feast of the dead.

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An adaptation of the cult comic

Realized by David Slade (known for directing Twilight, Chapter III: Hesitation and hard candy), this horror film released in theaters in 2007 is undoubtedly not unknown to aficionados of comics. Indeed, it is adapted from the eponymous comic by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, 30 days of night and it will plunge you into darkness and fear.

Residents of a small, isolated town in Alaska are attacked by a band of bloodthirsty vampires taking advantage of the fact that the region is deprived of sunlight for a month, like every winter.

How to stop them when the night never ends

Who is in the cast?

30 days of night features a strong cast consisting of Josh Hartnett (Penny Dreadful, The Black Dahlia), Melissa George (Amityville, Drift), Ben Foster (Six Feet Under, Warcraft: The Beginning) and Danny Huston (The Constant Gardener) in the main roles.

When will 30 Days of Night be released on Netflix?

30 days of night will arrive in time to celebrate Halloween since it will be available on Netflix from Wednesday 19 October 2022. On the same day, subscribers to the platform of streaming can also change their minds with The Green Glove Gang a Polish black comedy.

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