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Robin Williams’ death had a strong impact on Sarah Michelle Gellar

Robin Williams left us eight years ago. A tragedy for many, including actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, who returned to her need to take a step back after the death of the man who was her colleague during a season of “The Crazy Ones”.

The sad loss of Robin Williams

We will never repeat it too much, but Robin Williams was a great actor. A performer specializing in comedy, although he has also worked to perfection in more dramatic registers. We remember, for example, that he revealed a disturbing and unexpected face in insomnia by Christopher Nolan. But what will certainly be remembered are his performances in family films like Hook (1992), Mrs. Doubtfire (1994)or even his voice given to genius in Aladdin (1993).

The Crazy Ones ©CBS

Unfortunately, the actor left us on August 11, 2014 at the age of 63. Robin Williams committed suicide, making us realize that behind the joyful face he showed to the public, he kept a deep sadness inside him. It was a tragedy for his family, his loved ones, those who knew him, but also the public.

A significant meeting for Sarah Michelle Gellar

Among the people who were able to collaborate with Robin Williams shortly before his death, there is Sarah Michelle Gellar. The actress, who revealed herself thanks to buffy the vampire slayerwas at his side in the sitcom The Crazy Ones (2013-2014), which only had one season of 22 episodes. A series created by David E. Kelley in which they played a father and his daughter, partners of a renowned advertising agency but with diametrically opposed characters.

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