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Quentin Tarantino: the director has a series project for 2023

This is news that should delight fans of Quentin Tarantino: the American filmmaker has indeed just poured out a project for a television series. We tell you everything below!

Quentin Tarantino: ten films and then leaves?

The famous American filmmaker, recognized cinephile with an assumed graphic style, has never hidden his career plan. If some directors pull off the feat of release a feature film every year – like the prolific Clint Eastwood, ninety-two years old – Tarantino sets limits for himself.

Thus, he has on several occasions expressed his desire to only shoot ten films before moving on to other mediums. Last year, he camped on his positions at the microphone of Bill Maher on the HBO channel. Faced with the incomprehension of his host, who did not admit his desire to put away his camera when he was, according to him, “at the top of his game”, Quentin Tarantino explained his choice:

I know the history of cinema and that, from this stage until the end, the directors do not improve.

The American director seems to have no desire to “tarnish” his filmography by making the film too many. Once Upon a Time…in Hollywoodhis last feature film released in dark rooms, is none other than his ninth film.

Once Upon A Time… in Hollywood © Sony Pictures

But then, what about the last one? From a long-awaited sequel to Kill Bill to a work taking place in space, The rumors are rife. But beware, his desire to move away from the seventh art does not mean that you will no longer hear about the man who worked in a video club. On the contrary, Tarantino has just revealed a brand new project !

See you on the small screen

According to our colleagues from varietyit is during an interview for the release of his new book, Cinema Speculation, that the filmmaker dropped this bomb. For lovers of reading, know that this theoretical work is also available in France: over the pages, you can dive into the history of cinema, while discovering reviews and theories of Tarantino!

But back to his TV project. At the microphone of Elvis Mitchell, the filmmaker confirms his return to television. Thereby, he is preparing to shoot a series in eight episodes during 2023. Obviously, he did not expand on the genre or the plot of the project. We bet that since the debacle of the “stolen” scenario of The Hateful Eightthe director prefers to remain as discreet as possible about the content of his upcoming works. It will therefore be necessary to be patient, but the prospect remains no less encouraging. !

In recent years, more and more great filmmakers – Jane Campion or David Fincher to name a few – have turned to the small screen. Tarantino should therefore join the club without delay. The finest connoisseurs of the artist should not ignore it, but it will not be a first attempt. Thus, the director of Kill Bill has already worked, more than fifteen years ago, on a program known throughout the world. He has indeed filmed two episodes – and not the least – of the series The experts. For the anecdote, these revolved around the disturbing Model Killer. A collaboration crowned with success, both on the side of the critics and the public!

So, what do you think of this news? Are you looking forward to discovering Quentin Tarantino’s serial project ?

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