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Plus belle la vie, the finale: what should viewers expect?

That’s it, the iconic soap opera “Plus belle la vie” is coming to an end! The actors, as well as the viewers, will have to say goodbye to the Marseille tribe which has animated the Mistral district for 18 seasons. For a start in style, the production offers a final bonus with the last two episodes. How will the TV series end?

More beautiful life : end of the adventure

We have known it for several months now, the flagship series of France 3, More beautiful the life, must bow out. It was therefore a real shock for the faithful of the program when they discovered the terrible news announced by Le Figaro : the series will not be renewed at the end of this 18th and final season. Launched in August 2004, the television series has garnered a slew of viewers every night. The faithful very quickly became addicted to adventures inhabitants of the Mistral. However, the decline in audiences and the arrival of new soap operas on competing channels such as tomorrow belongs to us, Here it all startsor such a big sun pushed the series towards the exit door.

The actors who had worked for many years in the soap opera such as Laurent Kerusoré, Rebecca Hampton, Anne Décis or even Cécila Hornus, very quickly worried about their future, as did the technicians present on the set. They will now have to turn to other projects since the soap opera ends with a big bounty marking the final end of More beautiful life.

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The final bouquet

To end on a high note, France 3 offers an special bonus of 90 minutesentitled Seven weddings for a funeral. Fans of the program will therefore discover a festive end. Indeed, to honor the memory of Roland Marci, played by Michel Cordes, his son is going to organize a big party in front of his bar, which will create euphoria among locals. But that’s not all, seven weddings will take place. Emotion, sadness, joy and nostalgia, all of this will be brought together in these last two episodes.

Series co-producer Michelle Podroznik, wished “a not sad exit, which lets the characters live like in real life”. The adventures of the different characters therefore come to an end, but the “mark” More beautiful life keep on living through social networks thanks to the wide fan base of the soap opera. The end bonus will be followed by a documentary The Great Adventure More Beautiful Life, about the impact of the series on the lives of actors, with lots of cult scenes.

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