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Plus belle la vie: in which projects will we find the stars of the soap opera?

“More beautiful life”, it’s over for good! The flagship soap opera of France 3 bowed out this Friday, November 18. After 18 busy seasons, the various recurring actors must now find new projects. But where will we find them?

More beautiful life : the soap opera ended in style

Viewers were able to say goodbye to the fictional Mistral district and all its inhabitants with a special bonus of 90 minutes broadcast on France 3. Indeed, More beautiful life ended with two very beautiful episodes, which cheerfully concluded these long years of adventures, investigations, friendship and love. The iconic soap opera had to shut down due to decline in audience and the arrival of new soap operas on competing channels.

The many actors who had worked for many years in the series such as Laurent Kérusoré, Rebecca Hampton, Anne Décis or Cécila Hornus very quickly worried about their future. I have to say that their characters stick to their skin and that the almost daily filming of More beautiful life undoubtedly diverted them from other projects. Let the fans be reassured, the various actors have almost all found new goals!

More beautiful life ©France tv

What future for actors?

Don’t panic, most of the actors will be back in different projects, always on the small screen. Indeed, viewers will quickly be able to find those familiar faces in other productions. Rebecca Hampton, who has played the role of Céline for many years, will be assigned new characters in Camping Paradise or Leo Mattei on TF1, just like his colleague Stéphane Hénon (Boher). The latter will be also present on France 3since it will soon appear in Murders in Font-Romeu. As for Cécilia Hornus, who played Blanche in More beautiful lifeit will be present in Murders in the Gorges du Verdon.

Pauline Bression (Emma) will soon be in Groundswellstill on France 3. Elodie Varlet, the interpreter of Estelle, also remains on the channel and will play in The Secret of the Cave. Tim Rousseau (Kilian) will be alongside Stéphane Bern in Bellefond. Florian Lessieur who slipped into the skin of Noé, will soon play in season 2 of The school of life on France 2. You can also find David Ban (Valentin) on Netflix in the series Lupine.

From the small screen to the theater boards

Other actors change course and leave television for a while to devote themselves to the theatre. This is the case of Marie Réache (Babeth) and Jules Fabre (Théo) who will play in the play Britannicus Tragic Circus. Marie Hennerez (Léa) and Emanuele Giorgi (Francesco) will meet in Smoke Rings. Pierre Martot, who camped Captain Léo from the beginning in More beautiful life, will be in The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus. Rebecca Hampton will also be on the boards in For Better and for Worse.

Other actors take advantage of the stoppage of More beautiful life to devote himself to another passion: singing. This is the case of Laurent Kérusoré who will soon release his title entitled Barbara, on bullying. Marie Hennerez is also ready to release her first track. Kevin’s interpreter, Théo Bertrand, is preparing his rap album scheduled for February.

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