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Peripherals: will the dystopia return for a season 2 on Prime Video?

Launched October 21, 2022 on Prime Videoseries Peripherals: the worlds of Flynne very quickly had the wind in its sails in France, thus attracting a little more subscribers each week. A confirmed success which is maintained over time since to date it occupies the first place of the Top 10 of the platform of streaming before The Rings of Power and Overdosethe new film by Olivier Marchal.

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Hailed by critics, the series has also received generally positive opinions from Internet users. And even if the first season still has many twists in store for us and it will only end on December 2, many are those who wonder if the series will return for a second season. We conducted the investigation for you!

What is “Peripherals: Worlds of Flynne” about?

Inspired by the eponymous novel by visionary William Gibson published in 2014, the science fiction series which consists of 8 episodes immerses us in a breathtaking thriller where technology has subtly changed society. The plot of this original creation centers on Flynne (played by Chloƫ Grace Moretz), who discovers a secret connection between an alternate reality and her destiny.


Is a season 2 possible for “Peripherals: The Worlds of Flynne”?

To date, it is still far too early to obtain a firm answer on the renewal or not of the P series.peripherals: the worlds of Flynne. Indeed, in mid-November 2022, the platform streaming has still not communicated about a potential second season. This is a normal timeframe: it is obvious that we will have to wait for the season to be over before we can study the series’ audience results in more detail.

But we have a few clues that could significantly tip in favor of a sequel. Indeed, Jonathan Nolan, the creator of the show who is also the one who imagined Westworld, said in an interview for Digital Trends that there were still many universes and ramifications to explore. According to its director, Vincenzo Natali, the story would have even been written to leave enough room for a season 3. Thus two additional seasons would be under consideration. Now we have to be patient. But know that we will not fail to keep you informed of the follow-up reserved for this series which has not finished surprising us.

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