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Marie-Antoinette: will the Canal+ series have a season 2?

Canal+ has offered a new historical series with “Marie-Antoinette”, carried by the revelation Emilia Schüle. While the first season has eight episodes, a season 2 would already be in preparation while the production would aim for a program in three chapters.

Marie Antoinettea new historical series from Canal+

On Monday, October 31 Canal+ launched its new Original Creation, Marie Antoinette. As Versailles (2015-2018), this is a historical series that looks back on a significant period in the history of France. Created by Deborah Davis, the show begins with the marriage of Marie-Antoinette, Archduchess of Austria, to Louis XVI. She thus becomes, at the age of fourteen, the future dauphine of France. The first episodes of the series show her disorientation but above all her difficulty in communicating with her husband, who is also very young and inexperienced.

Emilia Schüle and Louis Cunningham – Marie Antoinette ©Canal+

At his side, there is also King Louis XI, not as attentive as he seems, and Madame DuBarry, the king’s favorite who will quickly become a rival of Marie-Antoinette. To embody these different figures, we discover Emilia Schule and Louis Cunningham in Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI, while James Purefoy plays Louis XV, and Gaia Weiss plays his mistress Madame Du Barry.

A season 2, and more

Usually, channels and platforms wait for the first feedback from the public to renew or not a series. Even if the writing of a new season can begin even before the broadcast of the previous one, the green light is generally given after the broadcast of the first episodes. In the case of Marie AntoinetteCanal+ would already have the intention of pursuing beyond season 1. This is what Claude Chelli said in particular, during a press conference:

We are writing the second season. We will see that in France, in Paris, the Revolution is beginning to prepare.

Better still, the producer claimed to have, with the production and creative teams, planned three seasons. Let be the same number as for the series Versailles. Unless the situation turns around, there will therefore be three parts. For this, Canal+ will be able to count on sales abroad. Several countries have already acquired Marie Antoinetteincluding the BBC, which co-produces the show.

It is not yet known if the next episodes will arrive in a year or more. Waiting, season 1 is available on MyCanal.

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