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is a sequel to the French action thriller planned on Netflix?

After two years of waiting, Netflix subscribers can now resume the mad dash of Alban Lenoir in the sequel to Lost bullet. And a few hours before it goes online, this more nervous and uninhibited sequel already seems to have conquered the press and the general public.

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In this exhilarating second part, the tires squeal, the asphalt heats up and the action is led with a bang by Lino, determined than ever to find the murderers of his brother and his mentor. In his hunt, he will not let anyone stand in his way.

Lost bullet 3: a trilogy or even more?

If ordinarily, the giant of the streaming takes a certain amount of time to assess the media impact and audiences of these original creations, this is not the case with Lost bullet whose fate we already know! The good news is that the Fast and Furious made in France will return for a third film!

Regardinga trilogy, Lost bullet will soon be back on your screens. The firm with the red logo has also declared its intention of wanting to produce “a trilogy, at least!” . This bodes well for this new French franchise.

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