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I3P: why is TF1 not broadcasting the rest of the episodes?

TF1 broadcast on Thursday October 20 the first two episodes of the new detective series “I3P”. Viewers therefore expected to follow the progress of this dark investigation the following week, however the channel decided otherwise. You will therefore have to be patient.

I3P : the series is not unanimous?

The new series I3P follows the adventures of a psychiatrist not really like the others. Indeed, Mathias, who works at the Psychiatric Infirmary of the Prefecture of Police, is so invested in his work that he absolutely wants to understand the lives of his patients. For it, he begins to investigate. The show was imagined by Jean-Christophe Grangé, to whom we owe the series Le Passager or Les Rivières pourpres. Viewers therefore expected to dive into a dark story, both exciting and disturbing.

However, the plot carried by Marc Lavoine and Barbara Schulz does not seem to have seduced everyone. The program was nevertheless placed at the top of the hearings on the day of its launch with 3.8 million curious people. However, Internet users expressed their disappointment on Twitter and a rain of negative reviews fell on the new detective series. On the press side, the reviews don’t count a lot of praise no more.

I3P ©TF1 Production

Indeed, only two and a half stars out of five for TV 7 days who is writing : “Despite a stunning Marc Lavoine in the role of Mathias Bernardt, a whimsical and slightly crazy shrink, the plot remains flat and the often far-fetched action scenes”. Two stars for Teleramawhile TV Cable Sat gives three stars by writing: “This season highlights an atypical investigator doctor camped by a Marc Lavoine not necessarily always believable but very involved”.

Suspense for the sequel…

Although reviews are mixed aboutI3P, this will not prevent the broadcast of the other four episodes. However, if the show started on October 20, these episodes were not scheduled for the following week as we are used to seeing with the new series offered by the channel. TF1 is not going to continue broadcasting for the moment, quite simply because the channel considers this type of fiction as collections. The sequel will be offered throughout the year. So you have to be patient to learn more about the investigation.

Mathias’ next adventures will come later. Fortunately, the curious who wish at all costs to discover the rest can find the series I3P in its entirety on the Salto platform.

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