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House of the Dragon: what we know about season 2

The final episode of “House of the Dragon” Season 1 has aired. But while season 2 should be long overdue, here’s what we already know about the rest of the series, taken from the work of George RR Martin.

House of the Dragonthe beginnings of the Dance of the Dragons

Launching August 21 on HBO, the series House of the Dragon just concluded its first season on October 24. During ten episodesthe public was able to discover the Targaryen family, at the head of Westeros, the kingdom imagined by George RR Martin. Led by King Viserys I, the family will gradually break up because of the desire of each other to succeed the king on the Iron Throne. Two clans were then formed. On the one hand that of Rhaenyra, daughter of Viserys and designated heiressand on the other that ofAlicent, the king’s wife.

Alicent (Olivia Cooke) – House of the Dragon ©HBO/OCS

The latter has, in the last episodes, supposed that Viserys, just before his death, gave him his blessing to put his son Aegon on the throne. An unfortunate misunderstanding, since in reality the king thought to address his daughter Rhaenyra by evoking the dream of their ancestor Aegon the Conqueror. As a result, when Viserys died, the true face of Alicent’s loved ones came to light and everything was perfectly orchestrated to Aegon’s Coronation. It was without counting on Rhaenys who manages to escape from Port-Réal and to return to Rhaenyra to tell her the sad news. And it is therefore on the latter that episode 10 focuses, and on the preparations for its response.

What awaits us in season 2

There will obviously be a season 2 ofHouse of the Dragon. Based on the work of George RR Martin, we know that war, the dance of the dragonsbegins the year of the death of Viserys, in the year 129. The fight will therefore not be long between the Blacks, supporters of Rhaenyra, and the Greens, who follow King Aegon. A relatively short war since it ends in the year 131. But the conflict will many dead by involving legendary dragons.

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