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Esprit d’Hiver on Arte: what is this anxiety-provoking Christmas tale with Audrey Fleurot?

The “Spirit of Winter” mini-series worn by a transformed Audrey Fleurot arrives on Arte. This disturbing winter camera will illustrate a mother and her daughter stuck in a chalet at Christmas.

Spirit of Winter : a chilling camera

After HPI, Lies, The Fightersthe actress Audrey Fleurot continues her way in the world of TV fiction and comes back in force by revealing a new facet of his talent in Spirit of Winter.

The miniseries consists of only three episodes, all directed by Cyril Mennegun. The latter wanted to highlight the distressing story of the eponymous novel by American novelist Laura Kasischke. Audrey Fleurot therefore embodies Nathalie Alice’s mother, played by Lily Taïeb.

Spirit of Winter ©

Here is the synopsis of this psychological thriller:

Nathalie and Marc adopted their daughter Alice 16 years earlier from a Romanian orphanage run by nuns. That day Nathalie had no enthusiasm for this 6-month-old baby she met for the first time shortly after birth. Coming out of the toilets, at the bend of a maze of corridors, Nathalie opens a door and discovers children of all ages piled up in unsanitary conditions. Among them is a baby in whom she recognizes “her Alice” by a birthmark on her neck.

She tells Marc of her confusion and her doubts, he has already signed the adoption papers. The couple leave. Alice is 16 years old, it’s Christmas in a snowy and isolated chalet. Marc leaves to look for his parents but cannot return because of the snow. Alice and Nathalie are left alone, the atmosphere becomes increasingly heavy and scary, strange things happen that only Nathalie seems to hear and see…

Audrey Fleurot as a tortured novelist

The actress changes register and rubs shoulders with a role closer to the genre and the thriller. This time, she plays Nathalie, a mother a little overwhelmed by the attitude of her teenage daughter. She who had no inspiration for her new novel, find the urge to write again on Christmas Eve.

Unfortunately, her husband will not be able to return home due to a snowstorm. The two women will therefore find themselves alone, with their anxieties, their past and the sequence of various strange facts.

This dark and chilling tale will immerse viewers in a universe where the border between fiction and reality is very blurred. For this role Audrey Fleurot had to change her look and say goodbye to her natural flamboyant redhead, to trade it for a very cold blonde like a Hitchcockian heroine. This physical transformation helped the actress to slip more easily into the skin of her character, as she confided to the microphone of 20 minutes :

I was very happy with this change of head, because not recognizing yourself in the mirror helps considerably to embody a character. I had the impression of seeing a thousand and one other actresses, a kind of eternal feminine too. To forget myself, it was great… Even if I don’t define myself solely by my hair color!

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