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Diane de Poitiers: Has Isabelle Adjani been digitally retouched?

Among the critics of the France 2 series “Diane de Poitiers”, many spectators pointed to the lack of expression on Isabelle Adjani’s face. Has it been digitally retouched? The actress replied.

Isabelle Adjani is Diane de Poitiers

Broadcast in two parts on France 2, the mini-series Diane de Poitiers, the almost queen features Isabelle Adjani in the shoes of the favorite of King Henry II. Directed by Josée Dayan, it tells the story of this exceptional womanwho reigned in the shadows armed with her legendary beauty and fearsome intelligence.

In the casting, we can also find Hugo Becker, Gérard Depardieu, JoeyStarr, Virginie Ledoyen, Jeanne Balibar or Guillaume Gallienne.

Isabelle Adjani (Diane de Poitiers) © France Télévisions

Despite significant resources deployed and a luxury cast, the mini-series had struggling to attract viewers. Indeed, after the broadcast of the first episode, the critics fused on social networks. The audience was also much lower for the broadcast of the second part (921,000 fewer spectators).

Has Isabelle Adjani been digitally retouched?

Among the critics targeting the program, many have targeted Isabelle Adjani’s physique and particularly her face, which is surprisingly smooth for her age (67). What to awaken the suspicions regarding any digital retouching in post-production.

In an interview given to our colleagues from Parisian, the actress who plays Diane de Poitiers wanted to answer this detail. She confided as follows:

No, there was no digital editing on this series. The image is only due to the right light, the right focal lengths… And then, I’ve been working with the same make-up artist, Laurence Azouvy, for a very long time: she was an assistant on “Murderous Summer” (1983). Its preparer makes a completely extraordinary organic foundation, which reflects the light. The legend of Diane de Poitiers is that of a woman who does not age: we were right on the subject!

If she admits not having been retouched for the France 2 seriesIsabelle Adjani nevertheless clarified that this had been the case on other films:

Yes, of course, like all famous French actresses, and it’s not a question of age. Who doesn’t want to look their best? We all have a better profile (…)

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