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Désordres on Canal +: what is this series by Florence Foresti?

The series “Désordres” by and with Florence Foresti is broadcast on Canal+ from this Monday, October 3. Find out everything you need to know about this new program which should above all appeal to fans of the comedian.

Disorders: Florence Foresti tells her story

After Blanche Gardin and her series The best version of myself aired last year, it is now Florence Foresti’s turn to perform in her own show, Orders, also broadcast on Canal+. Sort of diary of his life at the time of the creation of his show Epiloguethe series comes in 8 episodes of 30 minutes, all written by the star comedian. She invites us to share her intimacy, which is not limited to entertaining the gallery.

Florence Foresti – Disorders © Canal+

For viewers already familiar with the world of Florence Foresti, Orders is obviously an extension of his favorite themes covered in his shows. Namely: her neuroses, her dog, her life as a single mom, her image, and her relationship with men.

We discover her in her large apartment on rue de Turenne which she is struggling to fit out. “To delay the moment of writing his new show” according to his friend and co-author Pascal. So what does Florence Foresti’s life look like between two shows? She drinks (a little too much) with her friends, enjoys her single life every other week without her daughter, and especially a lot of anxiety. His panic attacks eat up his life, and make him fear the worst every time. Fortunately, his anti-depressants are never far away.

What is the series worth?

Lighter than the Blanche Gardin series, Orders is primarily aimed at lovers of Florence Foresti’s humor. The first episodes are light and contain downright funny sequences. Foresti makes Foresti (and that’s why we love it).

Bernie (Albert) - Disorders Bernie (Albert) – Disorders © Canal+

The program is short (8×30 minutes) and devours very quickly. In the last episodes, Orders take a turn more dramatic, and manages to touch without pathos. You still have to be sensitive to the misfortune of the character, in his huge apartment in the Marais, with his cleaning lady without papers.

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