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cult reality TV is back on Netflix!

Created and animated by Anderson Cooper 14 years ago in the United States, the concept of Who is the mole? quickly sprang up all over the world. In 1999, From Mol the Belgian version inspires the French program which bears the same name and which is in turn broadcast on M6 in a single season presented by Stephane Rottenberg in the summer of 2015.

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Faced with such success, Netflix would then be very wrong to let the goose sleep the golden egg and has thus just relaunched at the beginning of autumn the show for a new season. A crazy season that already animates all subscribers fond of suspense and twists. So ready to binge watcher this new part and find out who the mole is?

A game where imposture is king

In this “updated version” reality show, twelve players must complete challenges as a team to add money to a loot that only one of them will pocket at the end of the competition. Among the participants, a person designated in secret as “the mole” is responsible for sabotaging the efforts of the rest of the group to earn money. The last player remaining will have to unmask the mole to take the loot.

When will ‘Who’s the Mole’ be released? (Episode Release Schedule)

First of all, be aware that you will not immediately know who the suspect is since the episode broadcast schedule takes place over a three-week period. This should add a bit of spice and adrenaline and give us enough to procrastinate and speculate for several days.

Thus, the first five episodes of who is the mole ? are available exclusively on Netflix since Friday, October 7, 2022. The following will arrive according to this schedule:

  • October 14, 2022: episodes 6 to 8
  • October 21, 2022: episodes 9 and 10

Do you like reality TV? Never mind, the Netflix catalog is full of shows, each as crazy as the next. Here is a brief sample to discover without delay:

Internet users already conquered by this new version!

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