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an offbeat romantic comedy to discover during the holidays on Netflix

Netflix continues to adapt famous manga and is taking advantage of these All Saints’ Day holidays to welcome a new anime into its content offer that will not lack “dog” and which should bring together many fans of the genre.

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Title Romantic Killer, it will follow the adventures of Anzu, a teenager resolutely allergic to love stories, however she cannot live without chocolates, video games and cats. But then by what unfortunate coincidence does she find herself at the heart of a dating simulation game? Answer in this article!

This new animated series stamped with the red N and directed by Kazuya Ichikawa is inspired by the eponymous manga by Wataru Momosepublished by Shueisha in Sh┼Źnen Jump+ magazine.

What is Romantic Killer about? (Synopsis, trailer)

High school student Anzu Hoshino spends her time glued to her video games. Anti-heroine par excellence, she cares neither for fashion nor for love. But when the magical creature Riri appears, Anzu goes from a life devoted to her three passions (video games, chocolate and cats) to a life full of cute suitors!

The plot thus focuses on the hilarious and anything but heroic reactions of Anzu, a teenager ready to do anything to avoid the love traps set by Riri and find her great passions. Straight out of a girl’s manga, Riri’s traps come in the form of three beautiful kids : Tsukasa, the brightest student in high school, Junta, childhood friend, sports fan and lover of Anzu and Hijiri, as cold as he is rich and seductive. Will Anzu be able to resist their charms?!

When will Romantic Killer be released on Netflix?

The Japanese series which should be very successful with teenagers (but not only) will be available from Thursday, October 27, 2022 on Netflix.

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