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an evil fantasy series (with wizards in it) to watch on Halloween night on Netflix

A few days before Halloween, Netflix has just revealed the official trailer for evil & son, a fantastic series that should delight subscribers who love fantasy and witchcraft. Written by Joe Barton (The Lazarus Project, Giri/Haji)this new original stamped with the red N sets the scene in a world where factions of witches are in conflict and follows the story of Nathan Byrn, the son of a dangerous blood witch.

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A whole program that comes in addition to the already plethoric Halloween offer offered within the catalog of the streaming giant. Curious to know more? Read this article and get ready to shudder!

A series inspired by the Half Bad trilogy

Inspired by the Young Adult Trilogy Half Bad written by Sally Green, evil and son focuses on the story of Nathan Byrn, illegitimate son of a powerful and fearsome wizard. For fear of following in his father’s footsteps, he was then the subject of permanent surveillance by the Council of Fairborn Witches for several years. But as the lines between good and evil blur and the conflict between Blood Witch and Fairborn Witch escalates, the young man, accompanied by the mischievous Annalize and the charismatic Gabriel, gradually discovers his true identity alongside his friends.

Who is in the cast?

The cast of the series includes a nice cast of actors made up of Jay Lycurgo ( I May Destroy You ), Nadia Parkes (Starstruck ) and Emilien Vekemans , Isobel Jesper Jones , Paul Ready (Motherland), David Gyasi (carnival row), , Liz White (Unforgotten), Kerry Fox (Conversations with Friends), Karen Connell (vikings),Fehinti Balogun (Dunes), Misha Butler (kiss me first) as well as Roisin Murphyseveral times nominated for the Brit Awards and the Mercury Music Prize.

When will this British fantasy series be released on Netflix?

evil and son will be available exclusively on Netflix from Friday, October 28, 2022. On the same day, subscribers can also choose to spend their evening in the trenches with the poignant adaptation of In the west, nothing is new. They will also be able to discover the new horrific tale Wendell & Wild orchestrated by the director of Coralina.

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