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a story of love and lies to discover in this new Polish series available in August on Netflix

After the successes of sexify and The Queen, Netflix continues to invest heavily in Polish series. This Wednesday, August 31, with Family at stake, it is under the sign of humor and melodrama that Poland will shine and it is likely to cause a lot of mayhem! Subscribers who love incredible situations will thus embark on a delirious comedy directed by Łukasz Ostalski and written by Agnieszka Pilaszewska. We tell you more in this article!

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A story of love… and lies

It was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives but the party will quickly come to an end: indeed, while Kaśka, a medical student, and Jan, a wealthy plastic surgeon, are about to take an oath to each other for better or for worse. , the bride and groom discover many lies and secrets that bind their respective families.

“On the couple’s wedding day, the specter of disaster hangs over the heads of those gathered, when a web of lies and secrets linking the two families is revealed.”

Who is in the cast?

The series stars Eliza Rycembel (Corpus Christi, The Promise) as Kaśka and Bartosz Gelner as Jan. Paweł Deląg, Bartosz Gelner, Marek Kalita, Izabela Kuna, Małgorzata Mikołajczak, Edyta Olszówka and Piotr Pacek complete the cast. Łukasz Ostalski is the director and Agnieszka Pilaszewska is the screenwriter.

When will ‘Family in Play’ be released?

Season 1 of Family at stake will consist of eight episodes and will be available from Wednesday, August 31, 2022 exclusively on Netflix. Note that fans of scandals and family will be served since they will also be able to resume the adventures of the Carrington family from in a fifth and final season of Dynasty.

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